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"Mark Juddery's jaunty tone and unbridled optimism put paid to the idea that everything's going to the dogs. A Pangloss for the Internet age. Read. This. Book."
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Best. Times. Ever.

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What I don’t get about YouTube

For the past few year, Lady Gaga was the most popular Lady since Lady Diana. Actually, she might be bigger than Diana. She’s perhaps the most popular woman on the planet. I’m not sure if there is a sensible reason for this, but the evidence is right there on YouTube. Her video for “Bad Romance” […]

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Astrology for realists

When I was a teenager, I was a big fan of astrology. I seriously believed in it, but that’s because I’m a Pisces and we’re loopy enough to believe in that stuff. Of course, I was often told that scientists can’t explain astrology, so it obviously isn’t real. (This is good logic. I can’t explain […]

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Yet more reasons it’s the Best. Times. Ever

More bad news? Yes, it’s that kind of week again – just like every other week. World conflict,  environmental disaster, Tatiana Maslany being ignored yet again in the Emmy nominations…  (OK, that was a few weeks ago, but I still can’t get over it.) ”To put it mildly,” said Madeleine Albright (who should know about these […]

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Surgery patient – a full-time gig

It’s been weeks since I’ve blogged anything (unless you count my contributions to Travel There Next – and yes, I guess they should be counted). I’ve been somewhat distracted by my health. It prevented me from going to London in April (as initially planned) to promote Best. Times. Ever. in time for its UK release. […]

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