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Best. Times. Ever.

"Mark Juddery's jaunty tone and unbridled optimism put paid to the idea that everything's going to the dogs. A Pangloss for the Internet age. Read. This. Book."
- Pamela Hewitt


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Best. Times. Ever.

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Surgery patient – a full-time gig

It’s been weeks since I’ve blogged anything (unless you count my contributions to Travel There Next – and yes, I guess they should be counted). I’ve been somewhat distracted by my health. It prevented me from going to London in April (as initially planned) to promote Best. Times. Ever. in time for its UK release. […]

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My ex-favourite Sydney bookstore

I was having tea yesterday at what used to be one of my favourite Sydney bookstores. As you might imagine, an author’s choice of his “favourite” bookstore depends partly on how well they promote his books. My favourite bookstore used to be the Berkelouw Book Barn, a barn (yes, a real barn) full of vintage […]

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Yes, things are still better than ever (so I’m still right)

Despite my current medical state (I started my fourth cycle of chemotherapy yesterday – and strangely enough, I’m not feeling like a complete wreck this morning), meaning that I couldn’t exactly do a book tour of Australia, I hear that Best. Times. Ever has been selling well. Thanks to all those who have bought it […]

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Seeing the positive side… of anything

“Balanced reporting” is a mantra for the media, and the ABC has even employed someone to ensure balance in its news and current affairs. Unfortunately, all these attempts to achieve balance are made more challenging by those who have trouble seeing the good side to certain things and people. Perhaps we should take a leaf […]

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